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If you’re looking for information about Fiji, this is probably the wrong web site – try Fiji A To Z.


The fishing off Rarotonga is very good and you don’t have to travel far to get amongst the big fish. Prices are reasonable (think around $100 for four hours including a light lunch). As is the tradition, large fish caught belongs to the boat but anglers will be able to take smaller fish to throw on the BBQ. Non-anglers can also have a good time with views back to Rarotonga and, between August to October there’s a chance of encountering migrating whales. Some operators on Rarotonga are Seafari Charters (Avatiu Harbour) – Phone Kevin on 25 099, and Fisher’s Fishing Tourz (Ngatangiia Harbour) – Phone Brett on 23 356 (his surname is Fisher). On Aitutaki the 10 metre Foxy Lady will satisfy deep sea anglers. Trevally, tuna, mahimahi and barracuda are caught year round and the marlin season is November to March. Phone Jason or Don at Aitutaki Sea Charters on 31 281.


Rugby Union is the main football game (who would have guessed with their Kiwi/Maori ties) and the season is in the cooler months from May to July. For mine, the tropics are a bit warm for 80 minutes of body contact sport in any month but boys will be boys and some of the Cook Island boys are big boys. On Rarotonga matches are usually played at Tereora National Stadium near the airport. I watched a game of rugby league between an Australian Federal Police team and the Cook Islands team (in February!) and it was a fast and furious affair with bone-jarring tackles. The Aussie team scraped home by two points. Turn right on your way out of town to find this football ground (opposite the National Cultural Centre). A local match will give a bit of insight into how the locals live.


Frangipanis are delightfully scented white flowers with yellow centres (and occasionally pink). There is a variety of frangipani in the Cook Islands and chances are you will receive a floral ei (neck garland). The name comes from the Marquis Frangipani of Rome, who invented a perfume for scenting gloves in the 16th century. So there you go…

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