Visitors Guide J


Unlike Tropical North Queensland, there are no ‘stingers’ or box jellyfish that are nasty. If you come across any, just enjoy the graceful movement coming from something so primitive and, well, basic. I believe it only has one orifice for all bodily functions, they reproduce asexually and there’s not much room for a brain. You’ll be lucky to spot one though as they only arrive every year or so if a storm blows them over the reef – and they die quickly because the lagoon water is too warm for them.


Just like hangovers, there’s no miracle cure for jetlag, but there are ways to reduce its effect. When flying, go easy on the alcohol, even when it is free. Alcohol (and tea and coffee) dehydrates the body so, when on board, it’s best to drink lots of water and juices. And drink lots of water after arriving, too. A test on passengers flying from New York to Chile (same time zone) proved that jetlag was primarily caused by dehydration. One tactic in fighting jetlag is to start adjusting your body clock before you leave, by moving your eating and sleeping times towards those of your destination. Sunlight’s good for adjusting body clocks so, on the day of departure, avoid light in the morning and soak it up in the afternoon if you’re heading west – or, if you’re flying east, get more sunlight in the morning. My main tip though is, when you arrive, unless it’s night, don’t rush to your hotel room for a sleep. Fight the haziness, eat when the locals eat, take in the sunshine and enjoy the sights until dark.

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