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Kayaks may come free with your resort. If not, head to Captain Tama’s Aquasprotz Centre on Muri Beach (Muri lagoon is a delightful spot to paddle about). To rent a two person kayak on Aitutaki, head to the Samade Bar at Ootu Beach – phone 31-526 to check they have one available.

Kia Orana Cruises

Captain Fantastic will tell you the history of Aitutaki while guiding you through Aitutaki’s enormous lagoon. A lunch of fresh fish and tropical fruit awaits on Honeymoon Island. Spend the day enjoying one of the most beautiful lagoons in the South Pacific. More info at

Kids Clubs

The two best kids clubs on Rarotonga are at the Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa and the Pacific Resort with programs of indoor and outdoor activities. For children under 3 you will need to hire a babysitter.

Kii Kii Motel

If you want good budget self-contained motel accommodation near Avarua (a half hour walk), this property could suit. It’s clean and comfortable with a nice pool overlooking a rocky beach (there are no good beaches on the north side of Rarotonga).


The Cook Islands use the European METRIC (and Australia/New Zealand) system for weight, length, distance and area: millimetres, centimetres, metres, kilometres, Celsius etc. For US and UK visitors’ reference. 1 mile = 1.609 kilometres; 1 pound (lb) = 2.21 kilograms; 1 gallon = 4.55 litres (UK) and 3.48 litres (US).


This is one sport that is becoming a big hit in The Cook Islands. Professional kitesurfers have found the perfect spot… Aitutaki. Watch this space.

Koka Lagoon Cruises

The Koka Lagoon Cruise is a glass bottom boat experience on lovely Muri Lagoon.  Snorkel, swim, be entertained and enjoy a BBQ feast.

The operator’s focus is on environmental awareness and they pay a percentage of their income to the Muri Conservation Park.

They take a maximum 35 guests and the cost is $79 for adults, under 12 years $35 and under 5 years free, operates Sunday to Friday ~ 10 am to 1.30 pm (lunch and show is included). Telephone: 27769 or 55769. Here is a link to the the Koka Lagoon cruises website

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