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Tropical ulcers can happen and they can become very nasty very quickly. They develop from coral cuts and scratches so remember to pack the hydrogen peroxide (see Coral Cuts and Hydrogen Peroxide).


I wouldn’t pack one and while your resort may have them for guests to borrow, chances are you won’t need one. If it does rain, it may really pour – just duck under cover for a while – it could be sunny again in minutes.

Union Jack

The Union Jack sits proudly in the top left hand of the Cook Island’s flag as part of the British heritage. The circle of 15 stars represents the number of islands and atolls that make up this small nation.


Utos are small coconut palm trees. Some wedding ceremonies have the uto as an integral part (Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa, Pacific Resort’s Koromiri weddings). Couples seal their vows by planting an uto (the ‘tree of life’ – see Coconuts). Apart from the symbolism, apparently some couples become quite attached to the uto they have planted and return for holidays to see how much their tree has grown. For more on weddings in the Cook Islands, visit

UV Cream

Another reminder to remember the sunscreen – one that blocks the sun’s ultra-violet radiation.

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