Visitors Guide V


Vaccinations are not required unless you have recently been in an area affected by Yellow Fever (Central Africa, parts of South America).


This is the area of Southern Rarotonga where the failed Sheraton is found – the ruins are often referred to as the ‘Vaimaanga Hotel’. The Cook Islands government is still in hock for around $55 million in Sheraton debts from the 1990’s.


A Vaka, in Polynesian, is an outrigger canoes. Because of their design, they’re not as easy to manoeuvre as they look. The trick is in the oar motion – rather than paddling ‘straight’, you pull the oar through the water in a ‘J’ curve.

Vaka Eiva

This paddling competition first started 2004 and has become a popular yearly event. With competitors from Samoa, Tahiti, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand this event is not to be missed. Visit for more info.

Vaka Village

Vaka Village (near Avana Stream) is the historic departure point of the canoes that took the first Maoris to New Zealand. It’s a pretty spot, looking across to the islet of Motutapu. If you take a tour around the island you’ll probably pull in here (a stop may also entail a coconut husking demonstration)


If you’re looking for information about Vanuatu, this is probably the wrong web site – try Vanuatu A To Z.


There is a 15% Value Added Tax on all goods and services. This is usually included in the quoted price.


Visitors must arrive with a return air ticket and are given 31 days entry on arrival. To extend this (on a monthly basis up to 6 months) go to the Immigration Office on the top floor of the Government Office Building behind the Post Office. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the same building in case you lose your passport. (See Entry Requirements)

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