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The water may or may not be safe to drink depending on how sensitive your stomach is. The locals drink tap water, as I have, with no upset tummies. If you are worried, bottled water is readily available. You may want to boil the jug in your room before retiring so you have cold boiled water in the morning. Whatever you choose, the important thing in the tropics is to drink plenty of it.


There really is nothing more romantic than a wedding in the tropics and couples have a choice of lush gardens, old limestone churches or uninhabited sandy islands as the venue for the ceremony. They can also be so much cheaper than traditional weddings (and in many cases far less complicated).
On the legal side:

  • Marriages in the Cook Islands are legally binding and internationally recognised.
  • The legal age of consent to marry is 20 years, otherwise written approval by parents is required.
  • Applications for a License must be made in person to the Registrar of Marriages in the Cook Islands at least 3 working days prior to the marriage (this can be shortened for a fee of $45). Application for this license cannot be made outside the Cook Islands.

Documents you need are:

  • Your passports and birth certificates will be required when filling out the “Notice of Intended Marriage” at the Registrar’s Office.
  • If divorced a copy of the Decree Absolute
  • If widowed, you will need to provide the Death Certificate of your spouse.
  • All documentation must be in English or translated into English.

A basic wedding package that will cost $500.00 to $750.00 will include the venue, car transfers to the Registrar or location, the wedding licence and donation to the minister or celebrant, and flower leis for the bride and groom. For a variety of wedding packages visit

Wigmore’s Waterfall

See Papua Waterfall.

Windjammer Restaurant

This is one of our favourite places to eat. Windjammer Restaurant has long enjoyed the reputation of having a consistent top quality menu incorporated with local produce. Situated in front of Crown Beach Resort on the West side, 10 minutes from town.  For yonks it has been an upmarket option and a toss up with Tamarind House for fine dining on Raro. It closed for the first half of 2016 for a total refurbish and a new name. Click on the link to see how things are going…


The conditions for windsurfing (and kiteboarding) are excellent, especially on Muri Lagoon. Windsurfers can be hired fro Captain Tama’s Aquasportz Centre on Muri Beach.

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